Employee information management sofware is a software module in HR sofware that we set up in detail and meticulousness, not only providing the necessary and accurate storage information ... but moreover, we program personnel information associated with the planning. , manage employees of your comapny, which help HR staff save effort, time, paperwork ... , and bring overview and detail for manager about employee, thereby giving the right and effective strategies and strategies for your company

What funtion of employee information managerment software contribution your job?

Ø The software funtion builded based on the company organization chart, so it is very detailed and logical help to classifying information of staff for location, department, team ... also support hr staff users easily, build a picture from detail to overview for manager

Ø The function of dowload excel file with unlimited information helps to reduce the load of the data entry process

Ø Saving by cloud to ensures high security and long time

Ø Employee information management funtion which build based on yours process, that support to your have right report save time, bring benefits for your job

Ø The software has the function of horizontal and vertical analysis for employee information, support correctly and quickly information for management in planing.

Ø Employee information management software is built based on reports: internal reports, PIT Dept reports, Labor Dept report, Social Department, People committee Dept report ... help save a lot of time, reduct paperwork, save costs.

Ø The function of attaching original papers of employees, helping to ensure online storage, avoiding loss of important documents

Ø Record with branching nature, not only has employee information but also updates employee relationships such as parents, children ... in order to have accompanying support policies (if any) or transparency information in human resources management

“Knowing detail of people well, help wins - wins any case” in management of human resources only really effective when you “know” and “understand the details” of the personnel information that is working for you, From there it help for your develop policies, strategies... human resources are invaluable resources and valuable assets that create infinite value for copmany so that software will help operators take the right steps right from the first plan and is an extremely important foundation to help your business develop more and more sustainably

Maria Tran - BDM

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